Monday, August 13, 2012

Sean is here!

Sean Cannon Barnes Born 8:05 am on August 2, 2012. 8 pounds 9 ounces.

I forgot how sleepy newborns can be... especially on the first day.

Linda took this picture, and it makes me happy.

Alex's feet have grown!

Grandma Judy made Alex a "Big Brother Badge." Every time he walked about in the hospital he felt it necessary to wear it. The nurses were so amazing. They complimented him on becoming a big brother and took notice of his badge.

In the nursery, Patrick got to give Sean his first bath.

Alex is such a helper! He seriously loves his baby. I hope Sean feels loved.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Mandee and Levi come to Visit

Mandee and Levi arrived on Monday afternoon.

We had fun picking Alex up from school. This ger is on the playground in front of Alex's school.

We went on Many Many adventures which will be blogged about over time. 
In the last week:

We had ate Mongolian food at Cozy Nomads
We went to the Intellectual Museum
Ate at Rosewood
We shopped at Mercury Market
Picked Alex up from school
Went to Gandan Monastery
Held and Eagle and got pictures taken
Visited Zaisan Memorial
Went to Choijin Lama Temple
Ate at Millies
Shopped at the Black Market
Chilled at MB's 
Perused an Antique Store
Window shopped at the State Department Store
Ate at Millie's again
Sorted Blankets for the Mother and Child Hospital
Delivered Blankets to the Mother and Child Hospital
Visited the French Catholic orphanage
Went to the Natural History Museum
Went to the National History Museum
Had pictures taken with Lenin
Ran around Suk Bataar Square
Ordered in Hazaara
Rode bactrian camels
Visited the worlds Largest statue of a man on a horse
Drove through Terelj National Park
Lost Alex's coat in the Terelj Hotel
Had and indoor picnic at the Ayunchin Ger camp
During the picnic we ate Khushuur (Mongolian Fried Dumplings)
Played on the playground at the camp
Walked around a Shaman pole three times
Held a vulture and a falcon... and had photos taken with two eagles
Ate controversial pizza at the Irish Castle
Packed a picnic
Drove out to Saraa's Ger camp... very fun off roaring in a Honda Accord
Sampled milk tea
Went on a two hour horse ride
Ate our picnic in the get
played horse shoe
Used an out house
Made a quick trip to Computer Land
Shopped at the State Department Store
Visited the old train station and took pictures with old Soviet Trains
Dinner at Blue Sky Tower
Dessert at Monet in Central tower

Then we had to come home and pack so that Mandee and Levi could be ready for transport to the airport at 4 am. Then their flight was delayed and they didn't end up flying out until after 1 pm.
All these activities despite the insane UB traffic happened between Monday night and Saturday night. I am going to sleep off their visit, and my saddle sores for a few days and then blog about all this. Needless to say, we had a lot of fun and we completely wore ourselves out.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The View From our Window

If you look closely you can see two gers (Mongolian Yurts) and our own little neighborhood power plant. This is part of the view off of our balcony.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Grocery Store... er... Market

Finding good vegetables in our market is not a problem... other than the fact that they are expensive. The vendors are always quick to tell you which vegetables are from China and which are from Russia. This is important, because Mongolians will go to great lengths to avoid buying anything from China. I regularly hear... This (fill in the blank) is no good, from China. This one good, from Russia."

This was actually a really clean day for Mercury Market. Usually we are stepping through blood puddles while they are taking the carcasses apart with carpentry tools.